Business start-ups

In 1985, I launched Austen Cornish Publishers Ltd, my first start-up business, a publishing company designed to support the professional development of qualified nurses, at a time when changes in the education of entrants to the profession were creating a challenging environment for experienced staff trained under the old model. I recognised this market opportunity and built a profitable, diversified business providing a peer-reviewed journal and a range of highly popular Study Days, accredited distance learning courses and books to support nurses’ continuing professional education. I negotiated and managed the contractual and legal aspects of the sale of the business to an American publishing company, maintaining the trust of our staff, customers, shareholders and bankers throughout the process.

In 1995, with three others and working as a remote network, I established another new business, Repertory Publishers Ltd, to launch and publish Theatre, a consumer magazine. I was responsible for the sales and marketing and developed a completely new channel of trade through theatre box offices. I negotiated and lead the sale of the business to Ticketmaster in 1997. Contact me if you’d like to discuss how my entrepreneurial skills could add value to your business…