Whoever listened to the views of a publisher?

In all the hype that exists in the current celebrities culture that surrounds us, how do those of us who facilitate the communication of others decide to play our part? Clearly, some of us choose to fan the fire and increase the hype – in order to grow our sales and profit margins. Others look for a means to grow these in a more enduring way, perhaps even aiming to make the world a better place – by ensuring that what we publish is relevant, appropriately presented, available, accessible and affordable. Of course, the task includes good marketing! So today’s challenge is to create something that ticks all of these boxes and then make enough noise to get it noticed, whilst generating the profit that enables us to keep the creative process flowing…

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to look at different aspects of this challenge, explore what’s happening to publishing in this exciting and fast-changing digital environment and examine the impact of change and culture on the all-important relationship between publisher and content-creator.

I hope you will come along the journey with me – I’ll say straight away that I know I don’t have all the answers – but maybe you have some and will feel moved to contribute to the discussion?